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Consultation required

Luxury handtied/ hidden beads extensions with exclusive Muna Hair Extensions. Please scroll all the way down on my booking site to request an appointment. 

Brushing :

  • Use a professional extension brush to avoid breakage and damage to hair.

  • Braiding or styling the hair into a bun before bed is very important to protect hair from damage while sleeping. Use a weightless serum to lock in moisture.

  • it is important to brush your hair multiple times daily. This prevents knots. Hold the base of your weft to prevent tension while brushing

  • Detangle each section before shampooing, brush again before rinsing out conditioner for manageability

  • Sleep with a satin pillowcase at night especially for back sleepers. Cotton pillowcases cause friction when you move your head while sleeping. This friction prevents the hair from move freely and can cause mating. Plus satin pillowcases also help prevent wrinkles!

Shampooing : 

Styling :

  • Towel dry extensions and apply leave in products + thermal protection. This will prevent your hair from burning and causing damage to the wefts

  • Gently detangle and reapply leave in spray if needed

  • Rough dry extension from roots to ends before sectioning off to round brush 100% dry

Sleeping : 

  • Brush your hair and put your hair into loose ponytail or braids

  • DO NOT sleep with wet hair. This can cause mating to the hair extensions wefts. Make sure the hair is 95% dry before you catch some shut-eye.

  • Use silk pillow case for extra protection

Additional Information :

  • Avoid pulling extension to prevent tension

  • Before swimming, wet hair and apply conditioner/ leave in conditioner. Put hair in braids/ loose top knot. DO NOT submerge hair in salt or chlorine water. We advise wearing your hair in a high bun while lounging in the water.

  • Dry hair immediately after workouts or intense activities

  • Do not attempt coloring you extensions under any circumstances

  • Use low heat when drying and styling extensions (340- 360 degrees)

  • Avoid using purple shampoo on extensions, it dry out and turn extension grey/ over toned. If you have to, use Goldie Locks Purple shampoo (extension safe and gentle)

Products to Avoid : 

  • Do not use any products containing the following ingredients on hair extension wefts! They will cause damage to your glamourous mane. Talk to your me to ensure you are using the correct products on your hair. Always read the ingredient label before applying.

  •  DO NOT USE sunscreen with Avobenzone (Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane). It is an oil-soluble ingredient used to absorb the full spectrum of UVA rays. It can and will turn hair extensions orange, especially for you blonde babes! Read the ingredient label before applying. We always advise using caution when using any sunscreen. 

  • DO NOT USE Moroccan Oil – It will turn hair exchanges orange.

  • Quaternium 80,95,16 – Encourages a fast-acting blow-dry and will cause hair breakage.

  • Dimethicone only if followed by Dimethiconol. Do not use if only Dimethicone.

  • Silicone-based products that are not water-soluble will adhere to the hair.

  • Protein dominate based products – Hair becomes brittle and will break.

  • Olaplex – it’s a bond-building product, protein-based.

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